Thursday, 18 October 2012

Mobile Bones vs. Yumove

A couple of days ago we have noticed an interested ongoing discussion on one of the biggest pet forums in United Kingdom where people were comparing Mobile Bones to Yumove. Here is what members of Pet Forums had to say about Mobile Bones:

SixStar, forum member with over 4,684 posts has stated:

"I personally vote for Mobile Bones. It has made the absolute world of difference to my fella with hip dysplasia - since using it he has been able to come off his pain relief, and lives a perfectly normal life, and can do all the running around that he wants. I've tried several different brands with him (including Yumove) but I always come back to Mobile Bones - I don't know what makes it so good, it contains the same active ingredients as the rest of the ones on the market, but there is something about it that suits my boy down to the ground - excellent stuff! Quite palatable too, Blue is happy to take it with his food, and no tablets to fuss about with."

Several posts later Mum2Heidi, forum member with 8,241 posts, has added:

"Mobile Bones all the way here as well. I used their Bionic Biotic supplement when Heidi had an ongoing tum upset that vet meds just couldnt sort long term. When my OAP cat show signed of stiffness, I contacted Pooch and Mutt to see if she could have MB. He ok'd it and I put her on it. Within a few doses she was like a spring lamb and has been ever since. My friend dogs has luxating patella and after vet meds, she put her onto MB and she is doing great. Heidi had a limp that kept recurring. I'd rest her for a bit and it would go, then back again. Since MB - nothing and its been months now. I cant recommend it highly enough. It may have a few nondescript bits and bobs but the combination as a whole works well. For your youngster, I would probably give him a while on full dose to get it into his system and them perhaps half dose for maintenance. You can always email Pooch and Mutt - Guy is v helpful."

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