Friday, 12 October 2012

Henry: 11 Year Old Labrador With Stiff Joints

Judy got in touch with us to let us know how well her 11 year year old chocolate lab, Henry, was doing on Mobile Bones. Judy had him for three years and in the last year she has noticed that he had been getting increasingly stiff with occasional lameness.
Henry loves the water and sometimes overdoes things, but Judy didn't want to limit his enjoyment on the beach or in the river too much. She tried various joint support foods, prescription medication and nutritional supplements but nothing seemed to make a noticeable difference. When she read the reviews about Pooch & Mutt products she was sceptical, but thought she would try again. According to Judy, Henry (surprisingly for a lab) had refused to eat some of the other supplements, but didn't seem to mind Mobile Bones. She started feeding it to him in July 2012.
Judy didn't see an overnight change, but gradually noticed that gradually Henry became less stiff after lying down any length of time.  After just over two months, he is moving much better even first thing in the morning, and has only had one slight episode of lameness after a more energetic than usual trip to the beach. Judy have also been feeding him with Bionic Biotic as when he came to her, he had itchy ears and chin and often chewed his paws. Itching have also calmed. He has ********** which is now under control with medication and this may be contributory to his overall health and energy levels, but Judy does feel that Pooch & Mutt products have really helped Henry's mobility in particular.
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*To comply with VMD regulations some medical terminology has been replaced with asterisks. We hope that this does not affect your reading pleasure.

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