Friday, 26 October 2012

Blue: Neapolitan Mastiff, Great Dane Cross With Hip Discomfort

Blue is Emma's five year old Neapolitan Mastiff x Great Dane – a lovely sweet boy, who came to her as a rescue dog at only 10 months old. Within a few weeks of having him home it became clear to Emma that he was having trouble with his hips and/or back legs, and her fears were confirmed by the vet, who after x-raying him, diagnosed Blue with hip *******. 
As you can imagine, this was initially quite a shattering piece of news for Emma – such a horrible thought to think of a dog so young, with his entire life ahead of him, having to live a restricted life due to this horrible condition!

Emma's vet put Blue on Metacam, that had to be taken daily initially for six weeks, and then every other day for a further six weeks, and then they had to return to the vets to reassess after this time. Emma did everything as instructed, and sure enough, Blue did improve immensely during his time on Metacam, but ahw had the ever present niggling thought at the back of her mind, that she just wasn't comfortable having her boy on such a powerful drug, which had numerous serious side affects, long term – especially since Blue was still really only a pup!

She took to her trusty friend Google, and stumbled across Mobile Bones, ordering a packet to try – Emma has never looked back. Blue has had it pretty much daily ever since, and no longer has any need for regular Metacam – he came off it completely within eight weeks of starting Mobile Bones, and now only needs the tiniest drop if he really over does things. Over the years Emma has tried numerous other joint care supplements with Blue, just out of curiosity really, but nothing hits the spot like Mobile Bones, and they always come back to it – Emma now packed in all the messing around trailing other products, and stick firmly to Mobile Bones.

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*To comply with VMD regulations some medical terminology has been replaced with asterisks. We hope that this does not affect your reading pleasure.

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