Friday, 4 January 2013

Paddy: West Highland Terrier with upset stomach and runny stools

Paddy is June's 13 yr old West Highland Terrier. June told us that Paddy suffered all his life with "westie belly" and over the years June has tried everything… June has worked out that it is a build-up of fat which Paddy cannot tolerate.

June told us that Paddy's tummy used to scream and gurgle all day. He wouldn't drink or eat anything except grass until he’d make himself sick. Everything has changed once June has learned about Pooch & Mutt on the net. After gradually introducing Bionic Biotic to Paddy's diet, he now has solid stools and no more grumbling belly. The thing June is most pleased about is that he doesn’t have those days when he looks so sad and in pain and June knows that she cannot help him.

June now just sprinkles a little bit of Bionic Biotic on his food and he is a different dog. Her only regret was that she didn’t find out about Pooch & Mutt when Paddy was 2, but at least he is enjoying his ‘senior’ years as we can see.

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