Thursday, 3 January 2013

Jacob: Dog with weight problems

Jo got in touch with us to tell us that since starting on Bionic Biotic her dog Jacob has shown significant signs of weight gain which is wonderful. Jo is still struggling to find a food that doesn't set off his IBS. Jo recently tried giving Jacob Fish4Dogs, which he loved, but after it he again became very ill. Jo and Jacob are back to chicken breasts, porridge oats and carrots, but at least Jo knows that Jacob is getting goodness from Bionic Biotic
At the moment Jacob weighs around 12lbs up from 9lbs, his appetite isn't so ravenous as it was during the weight loss time, hence him being a little more fussy. Jo told us that she gets the most of the 1 tsp of Bionic Biotic a day by dividing into 4. Jo told us that Jacob hasn't had an IBS flare up for around a week now which is positive and putting less pressure on his bad heart thankfully!! 
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