Monday, 12 November 2012

Wil and Bruce: Kelpies with joint problems

In the picture above you can see Wil and Bruce, Sarah's two Kelpies. Wil is eight years old and Bruce is twelve years old. Sarah informed us that Will has had a cruciate ligament operation this year and she was also informed by the the vet that Wil had arthritis on the joint. Sarah's vet told her that  Will will have to be Metacam for the rest of his life. Her other dog, Bruce, has had arthritis and stiffness in his front legs. Sarah told us that Bruce's mobility earlier in the year was so bad he had a limit of 20 min exercise a day. 
Sarah started giving them on the Mobile Bones and according to her over the next three months they both gradually improved. 6 months later, Wil is completely off his ‘Metacam’ and they are both enjoying two hour walks across Dartmoor.
To read original Sarah's comment about how Mobile Bones has helped Will and Bruce click here.

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