Friday, 2 November 2012

Rusty: Dog With Dry, Itchy Skin

David's dog used to itch and scratch constantly, which resulted in sore, dry and bloody skin as well as lost of hair. David's friend recommended him to try Bionic Bionic, but David was skeptical at first. He tried many other products before, but nothing seemed to help, but because his friend swore by it, David decided to order a sample pack to see whether his dog will take it. 
David's dog, Rusty, can be very fussy and he was worried that she will not like the product, but he was amazed when he noticed that his dog ate all of the food that had Bionic Biotic mixed in. 
After about a week David started to notice that she wasn't biting or scratching as often as she used to and after another week went by scratching and biting ceased. 
To read the whole story about how Bionic Biotic helped David's dog Rusty click here.

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