Friday, 17 August 2012

Friday Roundup: Top Dog Stories Around The Web

Today we have decided to share with you some interesting stories around the web you might have missed.

It looks like some retailers like to go the extra mile and step outside the box.The dog parking lots near IKEA stores in Germany include green astro-turf bed with a place to attach a leash so the dogs don't wander off. In addition to this dogs are given a water dish to prevent dehydration while their owner is out shopping.

Not so long ago on our blog we've shared with you some information abou how easy it is for dogs to die from a heatstroke. Dog Caller is a brand new phone application that was created specifically to prevent dogs from overheating.  Thanks to this new phone application dog owners can get a potentially life-saving text warning if they leave their dogs in hot environments for too long.Dog Caller should be available next year for around $20.

Petco recalls stainless steel bowls due to radioactive material

Petco, one of the biggest chain of pet retail stores in the United States, had to recall stainless steel bowls due to radioactive material. Let's hope nothing like this ever happens in the UK. For more information about the story click here.

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