Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Border Collie: Bionic Ben

Today we have got a fantastic story to share with you. Ben is a six year old working sheepdog and he was given to Caroline's son Huw by a farmer friend who was giving up. As a dog Ben was very active, but not very interested in eating well. According to Caroline, Ben is obsessed with herding sheep hens or cats!

Caroline noticed that Ben's coat was dull and she was concerned that the situation is going to get worse. She decided to start giving him Bionic Biotic and after a month on Bionic Biotic and then a month on Mobile Bones he was transformed! Caroline states that Ben's coat is now glossy (pictured) and that his stools are much better than they were previously. To learn more about how Pooch & Mutt products helped Ben click here.

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