Thursday, 26 July 2012

Toby: Labrador Diagnosed With Epilepsy

Rebecca has been giving her six year old Labrador Toby Bionic Biotic for more than six months now. Toby has been suffering from numerous problems: from constantly upset stomach and ear infections to occasional seizures. Rebecca's vets concluded that Toby had epilepsy and were going to put him on epilepsy tablets. This wasn't something that Rebecca wanted to do.
Rebecca started doing research and discovered Bionic Biotic. After giving it to Toby she noticed that the supplement started to give him more energy, better digestion and the dog started to feel much better. In addition to this Rebecca also learned about wheat allergies and she soon discovered that it was not epilepsy that was causing the seizures, but wheat allergy that Toby had. She decided to change Toby's diet and give him Bionic Biotic. In less than six months he was no longer suffering from seizures and only once he had upset stomach.

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