Monday, 2 July 2012

Springer Spaniel with dry itchy skin

This is Bear, a Springer Spaniel with Itchy Skin. His owner Debbie got Bear and his springer sister Smudge from a rescue centre at the beginning of March. They had both been in kennels for 14 months due to their previous owner being seriously ill. Poor Bear suffered with dry skin and was constantly scratching. At first Debbie thought it may be that he was finding it hard to adjust to central heating in a house after so long in outdoor kennels. Eventually she took Bear to the vet, and after some heavy medication he was doing better.

Debbie was concerned that it may start over again and so decided to see if she could find something to combat the dry skin and she came across Salmon Oil.

Debbie gives Salmon Oil daily to both dogs and it has improved their coats and helped Bear's scratching a great deal.

To read the full review click the link below:

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