Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Lovely email from a customer

We just got sent this email and I thought I would share it with you:

As you probably know I continually sing the praises of Bionic Biotic. Someone joined the forum recently for help with their dogs skin problems.  The vet had said to change food but they werent convinced that would sort it. I suggested they look at Bionic Biotic.  They bought it on 17th, could see results by 24th and today have said this:
hi thanks very much people for all the great help with my problem with my dogs. that is great stuff that Bionic Biotic and i wouldnt of knew about it only i joined this forum and made my post and i thank the person very much for giving me the details on the bionic. its still hard to beleive that this Bionic Biotic stuff does the job and is well worth the money.
I am still using my first bag -1/2 dose now. After trying her on kibble again I've found that is the root of her problem.  No matter how good (I tried Acana) it doesn't work for her.  I think she produces too much gastric juice to digest it. Vet says dried is better - more vitamins and minerals.  I've realised  Bionic Biotic  gives her a broad spectrum so will continue with it and stop trying with the kibble.
Will be ordering my second bag shortly.

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