Thursday, 10 September 2009

Letter from a Cavalier owner

We have just had this note through from one of our customers.

There is no photo, so we can't add it to our testimonials section, but we wanted to share it with you anyway"


This may come snail mail but I am really grateful to your for sending Bionic Biotic out so speedily. It arrived the next morning and I was able to commence it straight away.

I mentioned over the telephone my cavalier had had campylobacter with erythromycin as a course of treatment which cleaned it up but left his gut far from normal due to gut damage.

The moment I started him on Bionic Biotic he was normal by the next day and has been ever since. It is just such a relief, and he is once again a happy little chap.

I have been passing the good news around but though I should let you know that you have a another very satisfied customer.

Thank you

Elizabeth Lewis

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