Monday, 14 September 2009

11 Photos from Paws in the Park

For those of you who didn't manage to get to Paws in the Park this weekend here are a few photos to show you a little of what you missed:

3 Cutest Puppies

Here is a gorgeous Vizla puppy, who was in the front of me in the food queue:

Two Husky pups... If you'd like to see pups of a similar breed look at Mia & Blue, Malmutes on

And this puppy is just a huge ball of fluff!

2 Best looking cross-breeds

This is a Vizla / Spaniel cross, who looked a bit like a minature Pointer. We thing they should introduce these dogs as a new breed, like a 'labradoodle'... maybe it should be called a Spizla.

Another great looking cross-breed below. He is a Bull Mastiff crossed with a Rhodesian Ridgeback, who looked like a smaller, slender Dogue de Bordeau (AKA a French Mastiff)

4 Ways to exercise your dog

You can let your dog pull you on a scooter - like the Labradoodle below

You can let your dog pull you on a bike, like this Husky... The dog is supposed to be in front!

You can compete in agiltity like the Collie below

This is not a dog, as you may have guessed. It is a photo of a very interesting relay sport where a dog does an agility course, then the horse in it's team does a similar, but scaled up, course.

2 Photos you should get

You can get professional photos of your dog, like the ones below done by the people from

And you can get a photo taken with a Siberian Husky (like I did), with the proceeds going to
The Siberian Husky Welfare Assocation (UK)

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