Friday, 7 September 2012

Friday Roundup

Every Friday we share with you some of the most interesting dog stories around the web. Today we have got some really exciting stories to share with you

Pooch & Mutt Managing Director Raises £3,614 For Hearing Dogs For Deaf People

Pooch & Mutt managing director raised £3,614 for Hearing Dogs For Deaf People. Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is a national charity and centre of excellence in training hearing dogs to alert deaf people to everyday household sounds and danger signals in the home, work place and in public buildings. To learn more about this charity and support their cause click here

Britain's Fattest Dog Diets After Ballooning To Same Weight As Wayne Rooney

Ever wondered how fat our dogs can get? Well, here's a picture of Alfie, Britain's fattest dog, who weighs almost as much as Wayne Rooney.

To learn more about Britain's fattest dog Alfie click here

Facebook Photo of The Month Competition Closes on Monday, 10th of September

Pooch & Mutt monthly competition closes on Monday, 10th of September. So far the picture submitted by Jo Hodgson is leading with 86 votes. Picture submitted by Maria Martin is not so far behind with 71 votes! To vote click here.

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