Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Miniature Dachshund with diarrhoea

This is Frank, a miniature dachshund who became very poorly out of the blue, starting with an episode of acute vomiting and diarrhoea. Frank's vet was unable to determine a cause. Frank was prescribed antibiotics and vitamin B shots to help him recover, as well as taking him in for 2 days on iv fluids to replace lost nutrients.

Over the next few days Franks sickness subsided but unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the vet, his diarreah failed to clear up. In the months that followed his diarreah continued and his owner Kirsty tried everything, ran every test and exhausted every treatment option available to help him get better, but nothing seemed to provide significant improvement.

With the vets blessing Kirsty began giving Frank a teaspoon of Bionic Biotic each morning fed with a raw beef diet (up until this point he had been strictly on poached chicken and white fish to aid easy digestion). The first difference she noticed was his coat, within 2 weeks it was shiny again, he had begun to gain weight and the fur on his shaven patches had grown out a little.

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