Saturday, 29 October 2011

Happy Halloween From Pooch & Mutt!

Alfie dressed as 'Dracula' & Milly as his bride. Picture courtesy of Julie Roberts

Halloween is a great opportunity to get dressed up and have a good time, and providing your pet can tolerate it why not get them involved too?

Every month at Pooch & Mutt we have a photo competition and this month we have received some fabulous Halloween themed pictures that we couldn't resist sharing with you.

September's 'Photo of The Month' winner Julie Roberts submitted the picture above of her Staffy Alfie dressed very smartly as 'Dracula' with his 'Bride of Dracula' friend Milly the chocolate Labrador. Whilst the picture below features Trig hanging out with his pumpkin buddies.

Have you got a picture of your dog to share? If so, why not get involved and submit a picture of your pooch getting into the Halloween spirit. The winner will receive a Pooch & Mutt prize!

Submit your picture to our Facebook page here:
Closing date for October entries is Monday 31st.

Despite Halloween being enjoyed by many the world over, it can be quite a distressing time for a number of humans and animals, dogs included.

Here are some tips to prevent your dog from having a hellish Halloween:

1. If you're thinking of dressing up your dog make sure they are can tolerate it. Ensure the costume is safe and does not constrict your dog’s movement or their ability to breathe freely. 

2. Keep your dog indoors if possible. Some trick or treaters can get a little silly and end up playing pranks on animals, leaving them scared, hurt or worse.

3. If you are having an indoor party, place your dog in a room where they won't be disturbed. They will be more comfortable in a quiet familiar place, away from loud noises and groups of people.

4. Leave a TV or radio playing in the dog’s room to help mask loud noises. The constant ringing of the doorbell can sometimes be very upsetting for dogs. 

Trig says "Happy Howl-O-Ween!" Picture courtesy of Sylvia Hall Shimkus

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