Monday, 12 July 2010

Pooch & Mutt launches in Spain

Pooch & Mutt launch in Spain with Arden Grange’s Spanish Distributor

Pooch & Mutt have done a deal up the Spanish distributor Beimar Suppliers, who they met at Interzoo, which sees the Pooch & Mutt supplements being available throughout Spain.

Guy Blaskey, Pooch & Mutt’s Director said, ”We gave Jesus and Cesar from Beimar some Bionic Biotic to try on their own dogs and they were so impressed that within 3 weeks we were having serious discussions about them becoming our distributor in Spain.

One of they key factors for me was that, as well as their huge interest in our products, they were already the distributors for Arden Grange. I am a big fan of the Arden Grange foods and think there are a few similarities between their outlook and our own. The nutritionists at Arden Grange are also very much in favour of our products, regularly recommend them to their customers and even write about them on the Arden Grange blog.”

2010 was Pooch & Mutt’s first time showing at Interzoo, which was a key part in their strategy for overseas growth. In the UK the Pooch & Mutt Supplements sell though a growing number of independent pet stores and vets as well as Pets at Home and websites such as Pet Planet.

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