Monday, 28 June 2010

Facebook’s favourite dog supplements

The Web’s favourite dog supplements, with over 2,000 Facebook fans.

Pooch & Mutt, the UK’s first ethically accredited dog supplement specialist, now has over 2,000 fans on Facebook and these fans have uploaded over 1,000 photos of their dogs.

The 2,000th fan to join the Pooch & Mutt Facebook group was Thomas ‘Turk’ Tick. He will be sent the Pooch & Mutt product of his choice along with a Becobowl, The eco-friendly pet bowl from Becothings (

The 1,000th person to upload a photo to the Group was Gemma McQuillan. She will be sent the Pooch & Mutt product of her choice along with a box of 12 packs of treats from The Organic Pet ( in a range of flavours including mint, banana peanut butter, sun-dried tomato and spinach & herb.

Pooch & Mutt’s director, Guy Blaskey commented, “It is great that so many of our customers want to interact with us on Facebook. We post customer testimonials on there and the fans love them and the monthly photography competition has gone crazy. We get amazing photos every day, I never thought we’d get so many. It is probably the best collection of dog photos on the internet and I think we are one of the most popular dog feed products on Facebook, definitely the most popular supplements.

A few other companies have tried to copy our ideas on Facebook, but they don’t seem to be doing to well. I think it’s because we genuinely enjoy interacting with our customers. A lot of companies just go on Facebook to try and make money, that is not what it’s about for us. ”

The 2,000 fan milestone is even more impressive for a young, small business like Pooch & Mutt when you compare it to other dog companies on Facebook; Company of Animals has 247 fans, Burn’s Penlan Farm has 52 fans, James Wellbeloved has 841. These companies have been established far longer than Pooch & Mutt and have significantly larger marketing budgets.

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BECOTHINGS: Become a fans of Becothings at and find out more information about them at

THE ORGANIC PET: Find out more about The Organic Pet’s full range of food and treats at

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