Friday, 9 April 2010

Can you write an ad headline for Pooch & Mutt?

Pooch & Mutt needs YOUR help

Above is an ad for Mobile Bones Joint supplement to go in Your Dog Magazine next month. The ad is about a Labrador with hip dysplasia called Cookie.

We need you to help us with a headline for the ad. Preferably it should be as few words as possible - it has to be less than 7, even less is better.

The catch is that because of VMD regulations we cannot use any 'medical terminology' such as the hip dysplasia, pain or treatment.

The best that we have come up with is:
"More hip, less hop"
"Healthy hips, less hops"

Your headline does not have to be witty, or funny (but it can be) it just has to stand out and make people realise that if they have a dog with this problem they should try Mobile Bones.

Please put your suggestions as comments on this blog or on our facebook page. Your ideas need to be submitted by Tues 13th April at midday.

Thank you for help!

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