Friday, 10 July 2009

Come rain or shine

Ahhh there's nothing more refreshing than a midsummer’s shower to cool the scorching pavements of London. And whilst the majority of us will be waiting anxiously for the sun to reappear through the clouds, our canine pals will probably be wishing that someone turns that heat knob down.

Being so close to the ground Milo is definitely prone to overheating quicker than some of his taller mutt mates. This summer as you happily reach for the lead and take fido for his daily walk in the sun don't forget to remember that our dogs can suffer from dehydration and sunburn just like we can when we stay out in the sun for too long.

A sad case in last week's news about two police German Shephards who died after being left in a car by their handler was a rude awakening that despite attempts to warn of the dangers of overexposing animals to heat people still leave their dogs in vehicles during the summer months. Even with the windows open the heat of the sun can penetrate through a vehicle turning a car into an oven very quickly and causing dehydration and even death.

As we prepare for the next blast of summer heat here are some quick tips to prevent your dog suffering in the sun…

When travelling by car don't forget to stop regularly, have plenty of water in case you get stuck in traffic and invest in a window shade if the car has no air conditioning.

Avoid the hottest times of the day (usually between 12 and 3) and try walking your best friend in the early morning or late afternoon when its cooler. Make sure shady spots and drinking water is available for your pooch.

Clip and groom longer haired dogs regularly during hot weather so that they can stay cool but be careful NOT to shave their hair off completely as this leaves the skin prone to sunburn. Short-haired breeds can use a pet sunscreen.

City dwellers must take care NOT to let dogs stand on the tarmac for too long as this heats up very quickly and paw will burn easily. To keep smaller and shorter four paws away from the burning pavements cyclists might want to invest in a trendy pet carrier for those short bicycle journeys.

We know just how unpredictable the British weather and it looks like we will be in for a wet one this weekend so we have looked up some cool doggy gadgets which may come in handy come rain or shine.

Come rain...

1. Umbrella ella ella – In the words of Rhianna we never know when the skys will open in te UK so to protect your dog from those unpredictable English summer storms with a pet umbrella leash which attaches easily and quickly to your pet's collar to stop the pooch getting soggy.

2. Dry paws - If you do end up getting caught in the rain then you will need something like a Dry Dog Bag dry to dry out that smelly wet dog before he gets inside. Although it looks rather strange the Dry Dog Bag is cleverly designed to absorb water from your dog after a muddy walk without leaving a mess in your car or house.

Come shine...

1. Fetch a bubble – a great little summer gadget for active dogs is the Gazillion Fetch a Bubble machine. Set this battery operated toy up in a shaded area the back yard and watch as your pooch plays at popping chicken flavour and bacon flavoured bubbles, he will have a great time and won’t pile on anything whilst staying trim.

2. Frozen treats – to save a little money and keep your dog cool, try making some home made frozen tuna treats. These are a great replacement to our ice cream and can be kept in the freezer for the whole summer. If you don’t fancy yourself as the next canine Gary Rhodes you may want to get your paws on a pot of Yoghund, a frozen organic yogurt for dogs that’ll keep your hot furry friend happy.

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