Saturday, 2 May 2009

Pooch & Mutt will no longer be at The Ultimate Pet Show on Sunday May 3rd & Monday May 4th.

Pooch & Mutt will no longer be at The Ultimate Pet Show on Sunday May 3rd & Monday May 4th.

As an apology to the people hoping to see us please use the promotional code 'ultimate' to get £2 off any orders at until Tuesday May 5th.

We did attend the show today. However, due to the poor turnout, it was not viable for a small company such as ourselves to stay on.

We wish all the other exhibitors luck and hope that they have a good day tomorrow and Monday.

The problem with the show was that there were too few people there and the ones that were there seemed disappointed with the high prices of tickets, parking and food and the small size of the show - just half of an NEC hall.

There were some good demonstrations on 2 stages, however both stages were next to each other, with shows on at the same time. Had the stages and shows been spread out more it may have been better.

In my opinion what the show lacked was the fun, interactive element, like the Dock Dogs at last weekend's East Anglia Game Fair, or the Temptation Alley at last year's Wag & Bone Show. This would only have been possible if people were allowed to bring their own pets.

I do hope that the Ultimate Pet Show continues next year and that the lessons learnt this year make for a great, fun show for people to visit.


MumbaiMagic said...

I cant belive the prices at the show - good on you for leaving. Oh how I hark for the heady days of the East Anglia Game Fair - that was a show I will never forget, although I agree, Wag & Bone was one to remember too. Keep up the good work. I think you are the "Ultimate"

spayedcat said...

Wag and Bone are indeed a breath of fresh air but like a Tweed Water Spaniel, they don't make many like that any more.
Some dog shows are not going to be the adrenaline fix that was the East Anglia Game Fair - but you have to be in it to win it. I think P&M may have missed a trick by leaving early...

mangeman said...

Dear spayedcat, I quite agree with your purring. You never know with these events. I will never forget the farnham fur and fetlock fair in 92 where I launched the (innovative at the time) doggie bite 2000. I was having a rotten time shifting the stuff with only a a couple of sales made to a slightly batty 90 year old chihuaua owner who wouldn't leave and was scaring away the punters. Then at 5pm just as I was packing up, who should show up but the great Dane appreciation society EN MASSE! One of the Danes went for the chihuaua and a terrible ruck ensued. In the padndemonium the rest of the Danes launched into the doggie bites, rendering all of the stock unsellable. It was the easiest 25 quid I ever made (a lot of money in those days). So you just never know. Doggie bite 2020 launches later this year so watch out pooch and mutt, comin at ya!