Friday, 27 February 2009

Pooch and Mutt at Crufts: Celebrating the wonderful world of happy, healthy dogs

The theme of Crufts 2009 is happy, healthy dogs. The show takes place at the Birmingham NEC next week, 5-8 March and will showcase a central exhibit where you can gain advice from vets and experts about latest research and knowledge on dog health.

Pooch & Mutt are pleased to be present at Crufts (in hall 4, stand 80) and hope to introduce even more people to the natural way to prevent and treat common dog health problems such as diarrhea, weight loss, joint stiffness and arthritis.

The great news for anyone not able to attend the dog show of the year is that the main arena exhibits will be streamed online for the first time at

For those of you who will be showing or visiting during these four dogtastic days there will be plenty of fun and entertainment for you to get your paws into. Here are some highlights you shouldn’t miss out on.

Good boy - Over 22,000 dogs are competing for the world class title of Crufts Best In Show, the arenas will be packed with displays and competitions including the Obedience competitions organised by the Good Citizen Dog Scheme training, the UK’s largest dog training programme. Here is last year’s Best in Show: Philippe the Giant Schnauzer.

Who let the dogs out? - If you missed Discover Dogs last year, there will be a dedicated area at Crufts where you can familiarise yourself with over 200 pedigree breeds such as favourites like the German Shepherd (or Alsatian) to rarer breeds like the Portuguese Water Dog - President Obama's choice for his first presidential pooch. The adopted dog will be arriving to the White House in April.

Action dogs - Daring doggy lovers can visit the Dog Activities Ring, where you can learn how to unleash your dog’s full potential- From Working Trials, Agility, Flyball and lots more, the Kennel Club can tell you how to get started or how to become more involved.

Shopaholic caninophiles - If you just want to enjoy some straight forward retail therapy there are over 400 trade stands including Pooch and Mutt with special show offers and exciting new products for you and your furry friend!

Cream of the crop - Discover the Best In Show competitors right through to the vibrant Young Kennel Club; young dog lovers competing in their own ‘junior Crufts’. Be exhilarated by the fast paced Agility and watch in awe at the precise work of Obedience dogs.

To catch the main arena shows here is the schedule of days:
Thursday 5th March 2009 – Terrier and Hound
Friday 6th March 2009 - Toy and Utility
Saturday 7th March 2009 – Gundog
Sunday 8th March 2009 – Working and Pastoral

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