Monday, 29 December 2008

The dog lovers guide to a Happy New Year

If you are getting ready to see 2008 out in fashion this year with a special house party celebration make sure you don’t expose your four-legged friend to any homely hazards. Preparing yourself for the 31st can reduce the chances of an unnecessary emergency vet visit in 2009.

Take me for example, this time last year, Milo managed to hoover up an excessive amount of left overs and god knows what else from under the table as well as winning over family members to give him a few extra treats here and there. On the 2nd January I found myself walking out of the vet £250 out of pocket and a very poorly pup under my arms. Turned out that my mini Milo had suffered a mild bout of pancreatitis caused by over-eating.

So to help you avoid a similar situation, here are some tips to keep you extra vigilant during your house party so that you don’t have to start the New Year with a poorly pooch or poorly pocket!

Stick to your routine - If you're having a house party try not to interrupt your daily routine with your dog, stick to his/her normal feeding and walking habits, dogs love routine. You might want to walk him/her slightly earlier to avoid any late night activity like fireworks. For more information about your dog and fireworks have a read of our 5th November blog.

Good guests - Make sure that any friends or new guests are well aware that you have a dog in the house so that he/she doesn't slip out the door in all of the confusion. Remind your guests not to give your dog any alcohol, or feed him anything other than dog treats you allow him to eat. Most human foods like chocolate, onions and even berries can be highly toxic for your pooch and cause upset sensitive stomachs or diarrhea.

New visitors - Even if your dog is particularly friendly with most people he/she may not be familiar with new faces and may act differently towards them. Watch out for children they are most vulnerable because they may not understand how to treat or act towards a dog. If you are not sure how to introduce a guest to your dog correctly check this page out.

Homely hazards - Watch out for objects which can easily fall on the floor during a party or gathering such as toothpicks, plastic food packaging or foil. These items can smell or taste of food and can be very tempting for your pet, but if they get swallowed up they can damage his/her intestines and could even be fatal.

Decorations - Burning candles, Christmas trees, decorations and lights can attract curious puppies or playful dogs. Make sure that you pet proof your home during the holidays. If you think your dog will cause himself or others harm it's best to put him in a the safety of a closed room with a cosy bed, food, water, toys and some soft music to drown out the noises.

Home sweet home - If you will be going out for New Years Eve make sure that you prepare a safe and calming environment for your dog. It may be a good idea to leave some classical music playing for him/her and make sure there is plenty of water and that any dangerous objects are well out of reach. Keep your dog inside in case of fireworks or other noisy celebrations by your neighbours at midnight and don’t forget to check that his/her I.D. tag is up to date and on his collar in case he is frightened and escapes out of your yard or during a walk. Check here to see if your dog is wearing the correct information.

Have a safe and Happy New Year! And we will see you all in 2009 where we will continue to feed you with more tips and tricks to get you out of those canine conundrums.

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