Saturday, 15 November 2008

All the president’s pooches

Believe it or not it seems there are more important things on Mr Obama’s agenda other than being elected US President and it comes in the form of a cold wet nose. Yes that’s right, the President is searching high and low for the perfect pet mutt to join the family. This is not a choice that should be taken lightly, for many reasons including the fact that the presidential pooch is now very much in the limelight. George W Bush’s Scottish terrier Barney even has his own page on the white house website with video links and photos.

Barack has already stated that he would like a hypoallergenic dog owing to his daughter’s allergy and his own asthma. The Peruvian Dog Association has already offered him a hairless dog. However it seems that Mr Obama prefers a shelter dog and has still to make a decision.

That’s no surprise to us, searching for the right dog is far from a joke, in fact it’s a serious, life changing decision, which many people still get wrong. This year alone Dogs Trust re-homed 8,459 dogs in the UK.

Whether or not this blog ever reaches Mr Obama here are some tips for him, for you or for anyone you know looking to find the right four-legged companion.

The right breeds for your needs - get to know your breeds. Just because a dog is small it doesn’t mean that he/she is less active. Many miniature and toy breeds as well as terriers require a lot of exercise. Although it might seem counter-intuitive, if are looking for a dog that requires minimal exercise forget about looking for a small dog like a Jack Russell and consider a rescue lurcher or greyhound who may need a good sprint in the park, but can be happy on just 20 minutes exercise a day. The greyhound has a history in the White House, with one called Grim being owned by the 6th US president, Rutherford Hayes.

Pooch pennies & pounds – Introducing any pet into your life costs money. There’s food, vet bills, insurance and of course all those toys and treats you won’t be able to resist. If you travel often whether it’s for business or pleasure you may need to pay a regular dog walker or pet sitter too and it all adds up in the end. Also it’s worth bearing in mind that larger dogs generally have a shorter life span, and cost more to feed, insure and medically treat than smaller ones. However you can make money from your dog. See our blog ‘how your dog can supplement your income for tips and take note that the book written on the life of George Bush SNR’s springer spaniel, Millie, sold more copies than the autobiography of George Bush himself.

Dog Health – make sure that the breeder you are talking to is accredited by the Kennel Club and that you are able to find out if there has been any history of health problems in your dog’s family tree. For example, if you choose a Labrador like Bill Clinton you may be more prone to experiencing joint problems such as hip dysplasia. You can help problems like these by introducing a natural dog supplement like Mobile Bones into the dog’s daily diet. However you should try to avoid these problems, one way is checking the hip scores of your puppy’s parents.

Hypoallergenic dogs - If like Barack Obama you suffer from asthma or other allergies there are many breeds which are hypoallergenic like yorkies, bichon frises, cairn terriers, westies, poodles and poodle mixes, like the popular Labradoodle. Don’t let an allergy stop you from getting a dog. The last poodle in residence in the white house was Vicky, belonging to President Richard Nixon.

Preloved pooches - If you can invest the time and extra energy into adopting a dog check out or the RSPCA both excellent portals to find dogs that are looking for a new home. Be prepared to give a rescue dog a lot of extra love and attention because they may have an unstable past. If you do take on a rescue dog that’s a little worse for wear you can feed him/her a natural dog supplement like Bionic Biotic which will help restore skin, coat, weight and overall condition. Rescue dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and don’t be afraid to pick up a mongrel you will be in good company including Lyndon B Johnson (Yuki), Harry S Truman (Feller) and Jimmy Carter (Grits).

Doggy talk – nowadays you have no excuse to selecting the wrong dog. We live in an age where information is virtually at out fingertips. Join a few online forums like or Dogs Monthly and existing meet up groups around the UK. This will give you the chance to talk to other dog owners who can pass on useful advice. Don’t forget about big dog events like Crufts which are also a great way to come face to face with your desired breed.

In the hope that the president elect has found this blog we would like to leave him with a bit of advice from Harry S Truman, US president 1945-1953, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog”.

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Rhea said...

I have a Lhasa apso. This breed is hypoallergenic. I hope they consider one of these. Mine is fab.