Friday, 24 October 2008


Pug spiders, superman jack russells, darth vadar chihuahuas, greyhounds in tatus...welcome to the world of doggy Halloween!

Its all a bit of harmless fun but if you do decide to include your mutt in a bit of dressing up this Halloween take note of his/her level of comfort.

Remember that Halloween is great fun for us and our children but it could become quite distressing for our precious pooches so it’s important to put yourself in the frame of mind of a dog and look after your pets on the 31st. Here are some tricks to take some pup precautions for Halloween. Here are some pup precautions to get you through Halloween.

1. Know what your dog is comfortable in when it comes to costumes, sweaters or any type of outfit. If they look stressed or scared, take it off. If your pet doesn't mind a costume, make sure it doesn't impede its walking or eyesight.

2. If you decide to light a pumpkin or some candles to decorate the house make sure your dog doesn’t accidentally knock them over or cause any harm to him/herself. Puppies and young dogs are very curious and may not be able to sense danger yet.

3. Don’t let anyone feed your dog chocolates or sweets, these human treats are like poison to pets. Instead buy some Halloween dog treats before the big night. If you suspect that your dog has eaten human treats contact your Vet immediately particularly if you see symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea, excessive thirst, excitability or drooling.

4. Keep animals safely separate from peak trick or treating hours as this may cause them stress. Kids love playing pranks and tricks on one another and you may scare your dog if you get caught up in one of these out on the street. Try and take your dog on his evening walk as early as possible!

5. Take care that your pet doesn’t scamper out into the street when you open the door to trick or treaters. It’s a good time to check and update your pet id tag.

6. Some dogs can become quite territorial especially when they are met with strangers coming in and out of the house. This protective instinct can cause ‘fear aggression’. Make sure that you warn visitors not to approach your dog if you are unsure how he/she will react especially if you have adopted your dog and are unaware of its past.

Finally just for the fun of it we have picked up some funny clips over the web...Have a happy Halloween!

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