Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Coco: King Charles, Pug cross with sensitive tummy

Kim got in touch with us a couple of days ago to let us know how well Coco was doing on Bionic Biotic. Kim told us that Coco had a really sensitive tummy and according to her Bionic Biotic has been really great so far.
After starting to give Coco Bionic Biotic, Kim has noticed that Coco is looking and smelling much better. She told us that she recommends Bionic Biotic to everyone who has who has dogs with same problems as Coco once had.
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Monday, 18 March 2013

Millie: Lakeland Terrier with itchy skin

This is Jean's Lakeland Terrier Millie who is now eleven years old. Millie was constantly itching and Jean has decided to give Bionic Biotic a try to see whether it can help. Jean told us that after giving Bionic Biotic for one month, she was impressed with the results. 
According to Jean, Millie has suffered terrible itching and chewing of feet for over two years and nothing has seemed to helped, despite every investigation coming back “not allergic to anything” and costing well over £1,000.
At the present time Millie does not appear to be scratching quite as often as she used to and Jean is certain that after she starting giving Millie Bionic Biotic, she does seem in better general health and Jean is willing to carry on and see what whether itching will fade away completely.
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